Raising awareness about the project among farmers

As part of its plan to develop the economic situation of local farmers, Saffron Flavor organized a focus group session with farmers in the region of Taznakhte. The event took place on May 5th, 2022, and was organized in partnership with cooperative SIRWA Alkobra and IREX.  Saffron Flavor distributed blouses and caps to the farmers, the event was also an opportunity to present the project and explain the process we intend to implement to make the product more profitable.

The farmers who attended the event expressed their need for such a project. they explained their struggle during the implementation of saffron, the packaging process, and the marketing, the main challenge according to these farmers is the presence of the middle man who takes most of the profit leaving the farmers with little to nothing marginal profit. Knowing that the middle man only handles the selling process of the product.